2017 Oklahoma Round Dance Teachers Festival Selection List. 


If you have registered for the Oklahoma Round Dance Teachers Festival please use this form to submit your dance requests.

Please fill out the name box.  Check the dances you would like to see on the Round Dance Festival Program.  Dances are sorted alphabetically and grouped by rhythm. EACH PERSON can fill out their own request list. However if a couple only submits one request list, the selections will be doubled. You may select as many Dances as you wish.  If an individual submits more than once, only the last submission will be counted.  If you forget to include your name, your selections will be discarded.

Once you are finished, press Submit once to send the information.

Cuers please fill out a second submission for the dances you are willing to cue. Please put name and willing to cue in the name area.

Deadline for submittion is Midnight Sunday March 15, 2017

You may also submit a dance that is not on the list by adding it in the comment box at the end of the list of dances.

Note: If you are not registered or if there is no name then your votes will not count.

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A Man This Lonely (BL 3 Seurer)
All The Girls Bolero (BL 3 Norris)
Agua de Mar (BL 5 Goss/Figwer)
All Fall Down (BL 3 Nelson)
Beauty and the Beast (BL 4 Kincaid)
Concierto De Aranjuez (BL 4 Nolen)
El Reloj (BL 4 Trankle/Gilder)
Entres Mis Recuerdos (BL 4 Gloodt)
For A Moment (BL 4 Molitoris)
Ginny Come Bolero (BL 3 Galbraith)
Hola Amor (BL 5 Goss,D)
I Told You Bolero (BL 4 Ayres)
I Want A Love That Will Last (BL 4 Parker)
Maria Elena Bolero(BL 3 Palenchar)
Mi Vida Sin Tu Amor (BL 4 Gloodt)
My Heart Will Go On (BL 4 Vogt)
Sleeping Beauty (BL 5 Moore)
Swan Lake III (BL 3 Molitoris)
That You Love Me (BL 4 Ito)
The Best of Me (BL 4 Goss/Figwer)
Valentine Bolero (BL 3 Donaughe)
You Decorated My Life (BL 4 Gloodt)
Almost Jamaica (CH 3 Juhula)
Angelina III (CH 3 Garza)
Axel F (CH 3 Mathewson)
Baby I Love You (CH 4 Rogers)
Banana Boat Cha (CH 4 Filardo)
Beach Party Cha (CH 3 Williams)
Between A Woman and A Man (CH 3 Hilton)
Black Horse and Cherry Tree (CH 3 Hatrick)
Chilly Cha (CH 3 Brown)
Cowboy's Sweetheart (CH 4 Kenny)
Cuando Me Cha (CH 5 Preskit)
Dance with the Devil (CH 4 Pelton)
Fantastico (CH 3 Parker)
Folsom Prison (CH 3 Peterman)
Grand Ole Flag (CH 3 Hanhurst)
Hitchhike (CH 3 Norris)
How Far Is Heaven (CH 4 Becker)
I Can See Clearly Now (CH 3 Rumble)
I'll Be The One (CH 3 Jabour)
If You Want To Be My Lover (CH 4 Lawson)
Irish Washerwoman (CH 3 Buckmaster)
It's in His Kiss (CH 3 Byrd)
I've Got a Rock and Roll Heart (CH 4 Gloodt)
Kids of the Baby Boom (CH 4 Goodson)
Kokomo (CH 3 Filardo)
Lady Marmalade (CH 4 DeChenne)
Last Night (CH 3 Speranzo/Slater)
Lips Are Movin' (CH 4 Hilton)
Ob, La, Di, Ob La Da (CH 3 Rumble)
Oh What a Night (CH 4 Gloodt)
One Hundred and Two (CH 4 Krueger)
Patricia Quatro (CH 4 Hickman)
Play That Funky Music (Ch 4 Becker)
Pontoon Party Boat Cha (CH 3 Cleek)
Red Hot Salsa (CH 3 Kline)
Reggae Cowboy (CH 4 Bond)
Sea of Heartbreak (CH 3 Wilhoit)
Sexy Eyes (CH 4 Drake)
Shake It For Me (CH 4 Byars)
Shout Cha Cha (CH 3 Moore)
Shut Up and Dance With Me (CH 3 Byars)
Soul Man (CH 3 Garza)
Stayin' Alive (CH 3 Suerer)
Sugar Sugar (CH 4 Worlock)
Sway 4 Me (CH 4 Rumble)
Sweet and Gentle Cha (CH 4 Armstrong)
Sweet Like Cola (CH 3 Hayami)
Todo III (CH 3 Rotscheid)
True Blue Cha (CH 3 Lee)
Two Times (CH 3 Ross)
Uptown Funk (CH 5 Gibson)
Vegas (CH 3 Healea)
Ven Conmigo (CH 4 Davis)
When You Are In Love (CH 4 Preskitt)
Whoopdedo Polka (CH 3 Kenny)
You Will Never Find (CH 3 Becker)
A Doodlin' Song (FT 3 Chadd)
A Wink and A Smile 3 (FT 3 Gloodt)
All That Jazz (FT 5 Sechrist)
Am I Blue IV (FT 4 Slater)
Angel on My Shoulder (FT 4 Gloodt)
Any Dream Foxtrot (FT 3 Pinks)
Company Store (FT 4 Prow)
Dream a Little Dream III (FT 3 Pinks)
Dream a Little Dream of Me (FT 5 Shibata)
Dream on Little Dreamer (FT 4 Gloodt)
Exactly Like You Foxtrot (FT 4 Slater)
First Foxtrot (FT 3 Clark)
Fly Me Away (FT 3 Scherrer)
Fly Me To The Moon (FT 4 Armstrong)
Foxtrot To China (FT 3 Seurer)
Gateway Foxtrot (FT 4 Loehr)
Go Away Little Girl (FT 3 Kincaid)
I Am Just A Girl III (FT 3 Dierickx)
I Got Rhythm (FT 3 Watanabe)
If I Could Write A Song (FT 3 Scherrer)
Just When I Need You Most (FT 3 Lee)
Kiss Me Slow (FT 4 Nelson, B&K)
Kiss To Build A Dream On (FT 4 Pelton)
La Vie En Rose (FT 3 Molitoris)
Love For Sale (FT 4 Hichman)
My Guy Foxtrot (FT 3 Seurer)
Orient Express (FT 5 Moore)
Painted Tainted Rose (FT 3 Hilton)
Puppet On A String (FT 3 Watanabe)
Sam's New Pants (FT 4 Finch)
Send Her Roses (FT 4 Palmquist)
She's My Kind Of Girl (FT 4 Prow)
Solitude City (FT 4 Gibson)
Something Better To Do (FT 5 Armstrong)
Thank You For (FT 3 Healea)
The Human Thing To Do (FT 5 Sheridan)
This Haunted House (FT 3 Kincaid)
This Is The Life (FT 4 Rumble)
Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Love (FT 3 Carver)
White Sport Coat (FT 4 Lefeavers)
Witchcraft IV (FT 4 Slater)
A Guy Is A Guy (JV 4 Preskitt)
All I Do Is Jive (JV 4 Hurd)
Baby Please Come Home (JV 4 Gloodt)
Baby You've Got What It Takes (JV 3 Parker)
Black Satin (JV 4 Gloodt)
Boogie Time (JV 4 Gloodt)
Boogie Woogie Washrag Blues (JV 4 Gloodt)
Breaking Up Jive (JV 4 Croft/Dezordo)
Calendar Girl (JV 4 Rotscheid)
Crazy Eyes (JV 3 Eddins)
Eight Days A Week (JV 4 Garza)
Good Rockin' Daddy Jive (JV 3 Oren)
How Lucky Can One Guy Be (JV 5 Preskitt)
I Believe in Love (JV 4 Schmidt)
Jumptown Jive (JV 3 Pelton)
Let Me Show You How (JV 5 Slater)
Little Deuce Coupe (JV 3 Koozer
Night Train (JV 3 Lawson)
Send For Me Jive (JV 4 Gotta)
Since You've Gone Jive (JV 3 Scott)
Still Stuck on You (JV 4 Prow)
Sunflower (JV 5 Tonks)
Sweet and Lovely (JV 3 Nelson)
Sweet Nothin's (JV 4 Tevlin)
Tampa Jive (JV 5 Macuci)
Teachers's Pet (JV 4 Hixson)
The Big One (JV 3 Koozer)
Tuxedo Junction (JV 4 Tracy)
Uptown 3 (JV 3 Gloodt)
You Make My Pants Want to Get Up and Dance (JV 4 Hixson)
Asi Asi Mambo (MB 4 Hichman)
Ding Dong Mambo (MB 4 Collipi)
Donde Estas Yolanda (MB 4 Parker)
All Of Me (MX 4 Goss)
Berkely Square III (MX 3 Baldwin)
Biloxi Lady (MX 4 Eddins)
Boom Boom Goes My Heart (MX 4 Weiss)
Chaka Chaka (MX 4 Phillips)
Dancing at Washington Square (MX 4 Robertson)
Green Door (MX 3 Proctor)
Hooked On Swing (MX 4 Windhorst)
I'm Alive (MX 4 Renauld)
I'll Do It All Over Again (MX 4 Defore)
Juke Box Baby (MX 3 Gloodt)
Jumpin' Jupiter (MX 3 Gloodt)
Milica (MX 4 Tikkanen)
Play Me A Simple Melody (MX 3 Gloodt)
Pop Goes the Movies (MX 3 Raye)
Rainbow Foxtrot (MX 4 Blackford)
Song Sung Diamond (MX 4 Smith)
Walkin' My Baby Back Home (MX 3 Parker)
Willie Can (Hey Willie) (MX 3 Gloodt)
Woodchopper's Ball (MX 4 Lawson)
Your Used To Be (MX 4 Woodruff)
Danke Schoen (QS 4 Gloodt)
Everybody Love A Lover (QS 3 Hilton)
I Wanta Quickstep (QS 3 Palmquist)
A Taste Of The Wind (RB 3 Eddins)
A Thousand Years (RB 4 Armstrong)
Adios Amor (RB 4 Kenny)
All I Ask Of You (RB 4 Kenney)
Amame IV (RB 4 Kincaid)
Amigos Para Siempre (RB 4 Neubert)
And I Love You So (RB 5 Childers)
Ascot's Rumba (RB 3 Kennedy)
Blue Spainish Eyes (RB 3 Norris)
Born For Each Other (RB 4 Koslosky)
Buy Me A Rose (RB 4 Read)
Can It Be True (RB 4 Hixson)
Candida Rumba (RB 3 Seurer)
Carnival (RB 4 Rumble)
Circle In The Sand (RB 5 Kenny)
Colours (RB 4 Read)
Colours Rumba (RB 4 Spence)
Cry To Me (RB 4 Kincaid)
Cuando Me Enamoro (RB 4 Gloodt)
Cupid (RB 3 Seurer)
Dance With Me Darling (RB 4 Graham)
Duerme (RB 4 Slater)
Esta Rumba (RB 3 Barton)
Goodbye Rumba (RB 3 Higgins)
He Drinks Tequila (RB 4 Holm & Pedas)
Hell and High Water (RB 4 Becker)
I Don't Know What She Said (RB 3 Crapo)
I Talk To Trees (RB 3 Gloodt)
I Just Want To Dance With You (RB 3 Healea)
I Will Think Of You (RB 3 Labau)
Island Rumba (RB 4 Pelton)
Islands In The Stream (RB 3 Armstrong)
Just Another Woman In Love (RB 3 Nolen)
Just One Dance (RB 4 Woodruff)
Land of Enchantment (RB 3 Scott)
Latika's Theme (RB 5 Nolen)
Love Walked In (RB 4 Guenther)
Memory Rumba (RB 3 Molitoris)
Mi Vida (RB 4 Read)
Non Dimenticar (RB 3 Rumble)
Perfidia in Brazil (RB 5 Hurd)
Pretty Blue Eyes Rumba (RB 3 Little)
Que Pasa El Paso (RB 3 DeFore)
Sedalia (RB 4 Kenny)
Si Manana Tu No Estas (RB 5 Gloodt)
Something Stupid (RB 4 Shibata)
Sound Of Silence (RB 3 Storm)
South of Santa Fe Rumba (RB 3 Koslosky)
South Of Santa Fe (RB 3 Seurer)
Tears In Heaven (RB 4 Shibata)
Two Souls Rumba (RB 3 Jabour)
Words Get In The Way (RB 4 Shibata)
You're My Whole Life (RB 4 Chadd)
Beat Of Your Heart (ST 5 Preskitt)
Can't Help Falling In Love (ST 3 Kincaid)
Catch A Falling Star (ST 3 Deierchx)
Chances (ST 3 Lawrence)
From Hello (ST 4 Pelton)
Girl Crush (ST 4 Ahart)
I'll Be Faithful To You (ST 4 Noble)
Rachel's Song (ST 4 Stairwalt)
The Other Side (ST 4 Gloodt)
Too Many Rivers (ST 4 Hooper)
What If I (ST 4 Klein)
Wonderful Rain (ST 3 Young)
El Domingo Pasado (TG 5 Noble)
El Pato Loco (TG 3 Jaworski)
Eskimo Tango (TG 3 Molitoris)
Gardenia Tango (TG 4 Parker)
Hideaway Tango (TG 3 Prow)
Just A Tango (TG 5 Childers)
Senorita Tango (TG 4 Rumble)
Tango Mannita (TG 3 Smith)
Tango Roma (TG 4 Gloodt)
Tokoyo Tango (TG 3 Healea)
Un Tango Del Cuore (TG 3 Schmidt)
Waltz or Tango (TG 3 Tikkanen)
Homeward Bound (TS 3 Hoffman)
Moody River (TS 3 Becker)
Blueberry Hill (WSC 5 Buck)
Hit Me With A Hot Note (WSC 5 Goss)
I Love Beach Music (WSC 4 Raybuck)
Pontoon (WSC 5 Ayres)
Take My Love (WSC 5 Blackford)
A Prayer (WZ 4 Herr)
Adagio IV (WZ 4 Lamberty)
Adios (WZ 4 Cullips/Norman)
After Winter (WZ 3 Kenny)
Answer Me (WZ 4 Palmquist)
Antichi Waltz (WZ 4 Molitoris)
Around The World (WZ 3 Parker)
Autumn (WZ 3 Kenny)
Beautiful Day For Goodbye (WZ 3 Speranzo)
Beautiful Dreamer (WZ 3 Gloodt)
Belsize (WZ 4 Huffman)
Blow The Wind (WZ 4 Pelton)
Carolina Moon (WZ 3 Rumble)
Come By the Hills (WZ 3 Molitoris)
Coney Island IV (WZ 4 Gloodt)
Dedication (WZ 4 Rumble)
Desert Song (WZ 4 Leach)
Die Lorelei (WZ 3 Bendewald)
Eagles Saturday Night (WZ 3 Townsed-Manning)
Fascination (WZ 3 Crapo)
Forever, We'll Be IN Love (WZ 5 Gloodt)
Feed The Birds (WZ 3 Buck)
First Flower (WZ 3 Nelson)
Forrest Gump (WZ 5 Moore)
Four Walls (WZ 4 Buck)
Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings (WZ 4 Francis)
Fur Elise (WZ 4 Rumble)
Haunted Guitar (WZ 5 Sheridan)
Hope (WZ 3 Chadd)
I Never Will Marry (WZ 3 Scherrer)
I Won't Forget You (WZ 4 Healea)
I'll Leave This World (WZ 3 Becker)
Jean III (WZ 4 Buck)
Jesse (WZ 4 Gloodt)
Laurann (WZ 4 Preskitt)
Legends of the Falls (WZ 4 Gloodt)
Manuela (WZ 4 Rumble)
Me and My Sister (WZ 4 Read)
Molly Maquire's Waltz (WZ 4 Lamberty)
New Fever Waltz (WZ 5 Davis)
Mona Lisa's Smile (WZ 3 Helton)
No Walls (WZ 4 Worlock)
Rainbow Connection (WZ 4 Childers)
Ramona (WZ 3 Shibata)
Rock and Roll Waltz (WZ 3 Nelson)
Scheherazade IV (WZ 4 Gloodt)
Secret Smile (WZ 4 Rumble)
Silence (WZ 3 Parker)
Send In The Clowns (WZ 4 Nelson, A&L)
Snow Blossom (WZ 3 Rumble)
Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight (WZ 3 Collier)
Stars Over Texas (WZ 3 Becker)
The Bells (WZ 3 Molitoris)
The Best of Life (WZ 3 Wulf)
The Flower (WZ 3 Beaulieu)
The Mountains Of Mourne (WZ 4 Lamberty)
The Spinning Wheel (WZ 4 Smith)
The Sun, The Sea and The Sky (WZ 5 Bradt)
Theme From The Bible (WZ 4 McGlynn)
This Is Our Dance (WZ 3 Borengasser)
Too La Roo Ra (WZ 3 Gloodt)
Waltzing Together (WZ 3 Ackerman)
Watermark 4 (WZ 4 Brewer)
When I Dream of You (WZ 3 Ayres)
Winter or Fall (WZ 3 Hixson)

Please List any other dances, rhythmn, phase and Choreographer that you would like to see on the program.